Will Google Translate Take Over Translation Companies?

will google translate take over

A simple search for “translate doctor into french” will see your web browser will instantly see the word “docteur” pop up – if anything, a technological marvel. However, how reliable is Google Translate for long documents, complex documents, and industry specific documents?

Google Translate says its service is improving now more than it has in the last ten years combined, claiming to be “approaching human accuracy,” providing an enhanced online translation service. However, this statement is still far from the truth and cannot be considered entirely reliable for any business dealing internationally. Google Translate will not be running translation companies out of business any time soon.

Why can’t Google Translate can’t compete with translation companies?

Here are several key reasons why financial translation companies will reign:


As Google Translate and many other AI translation services operate on a auto detection system, the slightest of changes in regular text can drastically alter the translation – even with small change such as the capitalisation of a letter.

Machine-based translation still makes significant errors. Google Translate works to translate text word for word more often than not, rather than translate sentences that flow – meaning phrases and expressions can be lost and misinterpreted in different languages.

In similar fashion, just because your neighbour lived in Berlin for a year, it does not mean they are qualified to accurately and efficiently translate your legal documentation.

Industry knowledge

Not only is there no quality control, meaning quality in your translation will vary. That will never be the case with a translation company such as GSI Translation. Moreso, the benefits of using a translation company far outweigh an online program when you begin to consider the actual content being translated.

To elaborate in layman’s terms, anyone can read a financial document in English aloud, but just because they have read it, it does not necessarily mean they have understood it. Similarly, our translators are educated and experts in their respected industry fields. This ensures not only a translation of the utmost fluency and accuracy, but more importantly, a translation cohesive to its content.


A translator should understand that all information translated is strictly confidential, but what rules apply for a program or computer system? You also need to question where your data could go and if it is stored.

Translating with free, online systems over unsecured internet connections can pose a security risk and potentially compromise data. And if you’re dealing with another business, using Google Translate could violate non-disclosure agreements, potentially resulting in heavy fines and a loss of trust.

Ensure you work with a translator that operates on secure working systems, but also be bound by data protection, commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreements.

Will translation machines replace linguists?

No, not any time soon.

In reality, machine translation is not much further forward now than it was 20 years ago. If your document is beneficial to your business and will make your business money – you should naturally want to spend money on its translation to ensure its success.

GSI Translations have offices worldwide and are at hand to help you with any and every translation. Translation of legal or financial documentation can be difficult to understand let alone practise, so please feel free to contact us for more information.