Five Misconceptions around Translation

will google translate take over

Having your documents translated from one language to another can be incredibly beneficial for a business that deals internationally – but with those benefits come many risks should a translation be insufficient or incorrect.

We list five misconceptions regarding translation to ensure you know what to look out for.

1. Google Translate is enough

The biggest misconception surrounding translation is that translation companies are redundant and no longer needed – with advancements in technology and the rise of translation applications such as Google Translate, you can decode any piece of written content into a different language within seconds.

However, despite what press releases may scribe, it’s proven to not be the most effect of efficient translate – filled with flaws and inaccuracies. Whilst it may be fine to use for the everyday word, an important piece of legal documentation needs to acre and attention to be translated securely and accurately – something an application cannot help with.

Will Google Translate take over? We say no.

2. Word for word translation is sufficient

A big problem with basic translation application or services is they will translate a piece of content word for word. On the surface this may seem fine and acceptable, but grammar is different with each language – words are placed at different points of a sentence structure and there can be additional factors that the English language (for example) does not operate under, such as use of gender in German words.

3. The tone and flow will be translated correctly

Whilst there is difficulty understanding and conveying tone through text alone, a translation service could also hinder this more – giving off the wrong impression or wrong flow of message entirely. When working with a  translation company, speaking to your translator will aid you in conveying the correct tone and message; this can be achieved by a rearrangement of words, or even using a new sentence or phrase for your desired result and impression.

4. Expressions and phrases are understood the same

Similar to the problem with tone, an acronym or business term used in one sector may be alien to that of another sector – and a common expression in your native tongue could mean something completely different to another, or simply not make sense at all. It is imperative you have your translation proofread by a translator who is fluent in both languages to ensure each message and meaning has been accurately transferred from A to B.

5. You don’t need knowledge on the content/subject

If you don’t understand an idiom or acronym, it is hard to proficiently translate a piece of text. Likewise, if you have no knowledge on medicine, how can you ensure that you accurately translate a medical document? You need a translator that can confidently translate and also understand the copy – something that is commonly overlooked. We guarantee with us, it never is. All of our translators are required to have a minimum of ten years’ experience working in their respected sectors.

Not forgetting, your work needs to be proofread in its entirety to ensure accuracy; a computer won’t do that, so hire a translations company that can and will. Contact GSI Translations today and see what we can do for you and your business.