proofAccurate proofreading is an important stage before finally submitting or publishing a contract, website, clinical report or any other document. Proofreading is the final and essential step before a document can be really considered finished. GSI Translation provides a comprehensive proofreading service to ensure that finished documents are free from errors and are stylistically correct.

The process involves checking your text for inconsistencies, ambiguities and errors that could interfere with understanding the text.

We ensure that your multilingual content is consistent, error-free, stylistically correct and culturally appropriate, giving you peace of mind.  Our in-house and approved freelance team of Proofreaders, are trained to proofread your text which guarantees that you receive the highest-quality content.

Our teams can follow your  style guide and glossary, which allows you to set stylistic rules and define approved terminology, all of which will be saved and referred to for any future jobs.

  • GSI Translations only uses highly experienced mother-tongue translators which minimise the amount of proofreading that is required;
  • Mother-tongue proofreaders are only used with the relevant sector experience;
  • Our team of proofreaders can do a general proofread for spelling, grammar and accuracy, or they can work to your own specific instructions;
  • Amendments can be made directly to the translated document or track changing can be utilised, whichever method you prefer.