Audio and Video Transcription

audio-transcription-serviceAudio and Video Transcription is the process of converting recorded speech to written documents. It is used when spoken language has to be changed into a written printable or electronic form. By creating a searchable record, transcription allows instant access to the verbal information in your speech recordings.  The continued rapid growth of audio and video output as methods of communication has led to increasing demand for high quality transcription services.

GSI Translations provide professional, multilingual translated transcriptions for clients from a range of source material and delivered in a wide range of formats.

Features of the GSI Transcription service:

  • Provide transcriptions from digital and analogue sources;
  • Transcribe from any audio format which clients can provide to us by the method most convenient to them;
  • Deliver transcripts of the original source in clients’ preferred format, online or in hard copy;
  • Produce accurate transcripts to meet even the strictest deadlines;
  • Provide transcripts in the original source language and in as many languages as required, meeting our usual high standards by deploying our techniques for technical, localised and meaningful translations.