Of all the languages spoken around the world, English continues to be one of the most prominent languages. As an official working language of multiple international organisations such as the UN, International Criminal Court, Council of Europe and NATO, English can act as a bridging language to widen accessibility where communicators share no common primary language.

From our head office in London, we specialise in translating work into or from English in the legal, financial, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, including British localisation from other English dialects.

International English and Localisation Services

Our translators include native English speakers from the British Isles, North America, and Australasia, meaning that we can provide standard English translations that are localised to each regional dialect.

Although English in each dialect is, broadly, mutually understood, there are significant differences which can have a major impact, particularly with legal and medical phraseology. This is why we ensure that our professional translators always have both industry experience and excellent native-language skills.

English Language Combinations

We work with over 100 language combinations, including Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese. With subsidiary translation offices in Skopje and Bucharest, we boast a core competency in the Balkan languages, with native language speakers able to translate the Serbo-Croat languages, Bulgarian, North Macedonian and Romanian to English.

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