Map of the Balkan Language RegionsCentrally based, our Skopje office offers core language combinations in English, Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, North Macedonian, Montenegrin, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian and Turkish.

Our professional translators are highly qualified in their individual sectors and include lawyers, professors, accountants, doctors, and teachers.

A Professional Business Translation Service

Our in-house and freelance team is highly experienced in all Balkan language combinations, and is supported by project managers adept at managing large projects on time and within budget.

Our Balkan office in Skopje adheres to the same GSI quality assurance processes as all our translation offices, ensuring quality and consistency at all stages, across all sectors.

Legal Translation

Our legal translators have regional expertise in local legislature, and they are careful to convey precise meaning when translating legal documents, to ensure both legal adherence and end-user comprehension.

We are most commonly asked to translate Balkan company formation and incorporation documents, both from and to English, to help clients meet local regulations.

We can also provide translations for patent applications, property sales, employment contracts and business plans.

Medical, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Each of our medical translation team have at least 10 year’s experience in their field, and combine this with their individual Balkan language specialisms to provide expert translations of medical questionnaires, Instructions for Use (IFUs), patient information leaflets (PIL), lab reports and more.

Combined with our legal team, we are particularly skilled at translating medical patents for the Balkan market.

Balkan Language Financial Documents

Our Balkan Finances unit specialise in translating enterprise and commercial level financial and accountancy documents, both from and to all regional languages. Typically used to support a larger legal translation request, we can also translate stand-alone documents and reports such as end of year returns and audit reports.