Is Your Business Translator Using Google? Your Documents Could be at Risk

GSI Translations for Business Translation Services

Google translate is a widely recognised service used by many around the world. It can be an incredibly powerful tool but when translating business documents, it can have pitfalls and that’s why here at GSI Translations it’s never used in our translation process. 

Many translation services will use Google Translate as part of their process. They may enter your document into the service and then attempt to clean it up afterwards. This is a dangerous approach, especially when working with important financial or legal documents.

Taking this approach often means the original context of the document can be lost. The intended purpose or meaning can become skewed, sentences may no longer make sense and the intended message or information could be corrupted. The tone of your document can also be lost and a formal piece of writing may come across informal in translation. These are risks you simply shouldn’t have to tolerate when it comes to your business.

When is Google Translate acceptable?

To be clear we’ve got nothing against Google Translate and think it is an amazing tool. It makes language accessible to anyone with an internet connection and can be a great tool for translating basic terminology and phrases.

You might have used it when navigating your way around a different country, maybe to order your dinner or find the nearest toilet. Google Translate has its place in the translations landscape. It just isn’t in the professional translations services industry.

Your Data is Safe with GSI Translations

Did you know Google collects all of the data that it translates? While it will have to tick certain compliance boxes to ensure your data is safe this is not an ideal situation if these files are highly confidential relating to your business. The risk is minimised when choosing GSI Translations as our agents understand the importance and confidentiality relating to translating business documents. Instead of being passed through mulitiple systems you one agent at GSI Translations will work on your document exlusively. 

Why choose GSI Translations? No Online Translators Needed…

Our expert team of native-language translators provide carefully nuanced and sector-specific transcription, localisation and translation services for over 100 languages. Their knowledge combined with fluency in the languages needed means they understand the purpose of your requirement, who it is for and what your business does. Combined with our quality control process your business is guaranteed a first-class professional translation service every time. Not an online translator in site!

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