About our Online Gaming Translation Service

GSI Translations is proud of the close relationship it enjoys with a number of online gaming clients for whom we perform online gaming translation, both in-house and through our carefully selected team of freelance translators.

It is this long-lasting partnership which allows new clients to benefit from the extensive database of gaming related terminology which we have developed over many years, and which in turn ensures the accuracy of the finished translation.

Make your Starting Hand a Royal Flush

At GSI we are often asked to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong with a translation. You can avoid headaches and additional costs by getting it right first time, with specialist gaming translators. Our translation team combines gaming industry knowledge with native language skills, to provide a specialist gaming translation service that gets it right first time, and every time.

Online Gaming Translation Service Team

Our approved in-house and freelance gaming translators have significant experience of working in the gaming industry in their respective countries of origin. Each translator we employ has a very precise and specific understanding not just of the language of gaming, but also local variations. We know these nuances and subtleties are essential to producing a both a polished result, and satisfied customer experience. Whether we translate website content, proofread marketing or prepare translated documents for publication, we know our translations will be accurate and expertly match the original source’s style and formality.

Localised Gaming Terminology

Because our team members are native-language speakers, we can deliver more than a direct translation. We can localise gaming terminology to make sure your clients can play without being confused or distracted by unfamiliar terminology and phrases. 

Let us quote for your gaming translation today – or get in touch with one of our regional offices.