GSI Translations is a British-based company, with offices in London, Bucharest, Skopje and Bangkok. Our expert team of native-language translators provide carefully nuanced and sector-specific transcription, localisation and translation services for over 100 languages.

We work on thousands of documents each year, in more than 100 different languages. We provide every client with a bespoke and highly efficient translation service, managed from start to finish to ensure we meet the strictest industry standards and client’s highest expectations in both quality and speed of delivery.

Our core team includes highly-qualified, industry-specific linguists in the legal, financial, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Every professional translator we employ is highly qualified and experienced in their field, able to give accurate and nuanced translations based on in-depth professional knowledge combined with excellent native language skills.

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Our translation service professionals work with over 100 languages – and counting – including
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian and many, many more – with qualified industry specialists in every language we offer.













Flags of the languages we can translate to, with over 100 languages to choose from.


Every single translator we employ is:

  • A highly skilled and articulate linguist, with excellent native-language skills
  • An experienced and qualified industry or sector specialist
  • A professional translator with proven record of accurate translation & interpretation.

 A 360 Business Translation Service

Our complete multilingual service includes proofreading , DTP, audio transcription, document and website translation, enabling us to deliver a complete multilingual business service.

We work closely with each of our clients. We know that accurate and close attention to detail is essential, as is an in-depth understanding and knowledge of each client’s sector. This is why we ensure our quality control process is followed at all times, for all translation services we offer.